Hound – 3 Wolves
  • hound-movie


Andy – Jimm Stark
Raj Singh Dhillon – Simba Masaku
Lucy – Rhiannon Barker
DI Devlin – Francesca Marie Claire
Manni – Manninder Singh
DI Harris – Rob Cummings

Director – Simba Masaku
Assistant Director – Jimm Stark
2nd Assistant Director – Aidan Largey Poland
Producers – Jimm Stark, Simba Masaku, Simona Bendoraityte
Executive Producers – Julie Stark, Graham Knight


Andy is one of many tortured souls living in the shadows of sunny London suburb, Hounslow. An introverted, alcoholic loner, Andy is forced to witness his only friend butchered before his very eyes – his faithful dog.

Pushed beyond breaking point by local crime lord Raj, Andy overcomes his addiction and transforms his life through mixed martial arts and tactical skills. To seek justice and find redemption, he forges a new identity; Hound.